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Notice posted 1-2-2019

All Sales and Promotions Ended 12-15-2018
BlackWidow Biz, LLC is Closed as of 12-31-2018

Notice posted 12-16-2018

The BlackWidow Biz Online Store is now closed. All sales and promotions ended 12-15-2018. BlackWidow Biz, LLC will cease all business operations on 12-31-2018.

Notice posted 10-15-2018

BlackWidow Biz, LLC (CALIFORNIA LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY) will be dissolved on 12/31/2018. We will accept and process online orders received through Saturday 12/15/2018, after which the Online Catalog ( ) will be removed from the website.

All sales are final. No price adjustments on previous sales. No rain checks on sold out items.

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